The Search for the Unattainable Heel

Note this week’s Shoe of the Week… practically perfect in their simplicity. The hourglass wave of the heel and the hidden platform eking style and taste. I don’t even like leopard print, and yet I want them. And, as you’ve probably ascertained by the title of this post, I don’t have them. I could only find them at a small shoe boutique in Miami and by the time I contacted them they were sold out in my size. Let me rephrase that… I called the store twice, the second time I got the store manager who sent my e-mail address directly to her Brian Atwood representative. Unfortunately nothing came from my perseverance. The shoes remain unattainable.

Unattainability is the great struggle of the individual. Whether it be a promotion, a horse, or even the perfect pair of high heels, we can’t have everything. BUT that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. With all that has happened this year and last, most would deem it a waste of time and energy to pursue such a trivial item as a pair of heels, no matter how amazing they may be. (I know some of my readers think there is nothing trivial about a pair of heels, and for that I salute you.) I could say the same for that promotion you may not be completely qualified for… Why not forget it and try again the next time it comes up, in, oh say, 10 years?

Striving for the unattainable is what we as high-heeled sashayers do. We wear completely impractical shoes that can be both uncomfortable and illogically priced. Many, mostly men, asks us why. My answer… I try my hardest to obtain the trivialities because it reminds me to keep trying for the crucial. When you can own that perfect pair of heels you hunted down for hours, days, weeks, it makes you feel even more empowered to go for that ultimate job or significant raise. So do it already!

PS. if anyone reading this has the inside line on this week’s Shoe of the Week in a size 9.5, 10, or 11 (I’m not picky), let me know ASAP.


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