Shoes Gone (Horribly) Wrong – Part 1

No, you are not on LSD… the shoes you are seeing are the new Balenciaga Loafers for Fall 2010. They are the hit of the season. But, let’s be honest here for a minute, if someone hadn’t told you they were the “it” shoe, would you want them? They look like the end result of someone quite literally piecing together left over bits of shoes, bits that were left over for a reason. They can only be described as the shoe equivalent of a patchwork quilt without the charm of Midwest Americana. At 1st glance you may even have to ask what is that? Possibly a crime against shoe fashion. You are then forced to ask: What were they thinking? A question that brings me to this week’s theme… the art of giving (and receiving).

Many of us have a friend or too that believe they know us so well, and possibly they do. But then, they give us a gift, something which they truly believe we will like. You open the box and find these shoes, or worse: a neon orange, stuffed Tweety bird; a shirt that says “Climb Aboard”; a dress that screams “I’m a Bangkok Hooker.” The list goes on. And now, you have to hide the horror on your face. You have to bite your tongue from asking one of 2 things: What is it? AND What the hell were you thinking? This is NOT a time to be honest. Meanwhile your friend is ecstatic over the gift and thinks you will cherish it always. Then, inexplicably, Your mind takes you back to your childhood and all that stuff that was crammed in the attic, and you realize why God invented attics.

And that’s where those horrible gifts and fashion blunders belong…

Stay tuned for Part 2.


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