Shoes Gone (Horribly) Wrong – Part 2

This week’s question is WHAT in God’s name were they thinking? Note the pump I’ve chosen to illustrate this. Someone thought it would be a good idea to put a mohawk on a perfectly great black pump. It honestly makes me sad that someone truly believed that putting a vertical fur strip on a shoe would make it high fashion. That’s like putting a studded collar on a chihuahua and calling it ferocious. Coco Chanel believed that overly added accessories completely ruined an outfit. YSL should have remembered this before letting this shoe out on a runway.

We should all remember Ms. Chanel’s philosophy at times, and not just because we’ve all made major fashion faux pas. Why do we insist on dressing up things that are better left simply put. This shoe would have been better without the mohawk, just like a design memo is better in Arial not Brush Script.


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