The Classics – The Black Pump

Once upon a time, we were teenagers running around chasing every trend as if we would die if we didn’t get those neon green, pointy-toed slingbacks, or tie-dyed leg warmers, or (God forbid) parachute pants. And then, our mothers stop us in the middle of this rampage to impart a little wisdom: “There is nothing more classic or versatile than the perfect black pump.” And thus, a dark cloud of bad fashion begins to lift. From that 1st pair of black pumps, our wardrobe begins to shift from those fashion moments to those fashion forevers.

The black pump is like chicken soup for your wardrobe woes. It is our security blanket supporting our fashion risks. The perfect black pump makes you feel confident, sexy, and competent. They are like a Jane Austen novel: some see them as cliché or old hack, but they always make you feel good whenever you read one, no matter how your day, week, month, year has gone.

For my personal collection, my go-to pair is the Tribute Toos by YSL. Ironically they were the are the designers of the last shoe of the week, the fringed nightmare. But these pumps are perfection personified. At a teetering 5+ inches of stiletto heel with a hidden 1 inch platform, these are guaranteed to make any girl (or transvestite) feel powerful, tall enough to take over the world in any hostile circumstance. They afford the wearer a certain perspective that is wholly unique.

This is the month for classic shoes such as these pumps. During the holidays we need all the comfort we can muster. While meeting with friends and distant family, a pair of well-chosen heels is essential to surviving this season.


One response to “The Classics – The Black Pump

  1. I feel like this was inspired by Friday.

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