The Classics – Red

Not for the faint of heart, the red pump (any style) is meant for the woman (or female impersonator) who wants to advertise their brazen sex appeal. Unlike the classic black, the red pump wears you. Wear with caution for they are unforgiving. If you have just an ounce of doubt, a moment of self-consciousness, they will know. Red pumps are for the confident, but they don’t make you confident. When you slip those shoes on, you already know you are going to conquer the day, eat up the world, make men beg.

Yes, I know that this week’s pump is the same as the last only in red. I want to illustrate the difference the color of the shoe makes. Try it. One day wear a pair of black pumps, the next (with the same outfit) wear a pair of red pumps. People will notice the difference and you will feel the difference…

Let me give you an example… In the early days of my current job, I was wearing a truly perfect pair of red patent leather pumps (Charles David, which I still own), and from out of nowhere, I was stopped in the middle of the hallway but this woman who said to me (and I quote), “You don’t know me, but those are really bitching shoes.” What a perfect description of the red pump, “bitching.” That’s exactly what you become when you wear them, Alpha Female, the bitch of the pack.


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