Ladies, Get in Touch with Your Inner Witch!

The joy of fall is in the air, and by joy I mean the advent of boot season. Not that I believe boot-wearing to be dictated by any season, more that the new fall collections bring us more options we didn’t know we had. And oh, here comes the lace-up thigh-high. Thank you, Christian Dior (aka John Galliano). They scream me “I’m a street-walking, sexy witch!” And just in time for Halloween.
My obsession with thigh-highs began (as I’m sure many of yours did) with the “Real Wild One” sequence in Pretty Woman. When Julia Roberts walks down Hollywood Boulevard in those patent leather boots and mini, I craved 2 things thigh-high boots and skyscraper legs to wear them. I neglected to specify skinny as a giraffe, so now I’m stuck with soccer/rugby player calves. Needless to say, many truly amazing knee- and thigh-high boots will never fit. Enter the lace-up, an adjustable solution. And now this boot, in multiple colors including a gorgeous cranberry.
Now, some of my dear friends will say, these boots are bordering on the whorish and costume-y. Their response, we empower you to be different, confident, and bad-ass. I say, there is nothing wrong with a little witchiness, and whole lotta leather.
Just remember, who’s wearing who… the boots of course.


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